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Daryl Kessler, CEO & Principal

Mr. Kessler has over 21 years experience in Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, and Land Development and has worked on a broad spectrum of projects including, homes, apartment, podium projects, tract developments, senior housing, affordable housing, industrial, and commercial project.

His experience includes various regional airport projects, resorts, and theme parks. He has managed various projects at Disneyland and Universal Studios, CA. He has implemented the entire survey network within Disneyland and established the pavement rehabilitation program and Tram Super Pave System at Universal Studios.

Mr. Kessler graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Wisconsin.

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Ali Monshizadeh, P.E.  Co-Founder & Managing Principal

Over the past 15 years, Mr. Monshizadeh has built a stellar reputation for engineering excellence.

Mr. Monshizadeh has been involved in projects from inception through completion. His experience includes the design of water and waste water treatment plants, work on the California Aqueduct, design of schools and hospitals, design of various resorts, golf courses, and vineyards. He has extensive experience in residential development, podium construction, infill development, institutional and educational facilities, healthcare facilities, commercial development, and industrial development.

Mr. Monshizadeh is a licensed civil engineer in the states of California and Nevada. Mr. Monshizadeh holds a bachelor's degree in civil engineering from Cal Poly Pomona and a master's degree in structural engineering from UCLA.

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Mohammad Monshizadeh Principal, Engineering

Mr. Monshizadeh is a second-generation real estate developer, with extensive engineering experience in the private and government sectors including the management of developments in Pelican Hills, Park Place, Parkside, and Shady Trails. Mr. Monshizadeh previously managed the Upper Newport Bay Ecosystem Restoration and Tujunga Wash Ecosystem Restoration.

Mr. Monshizadeh holds a bachelor’ s degree in civil engineering from UCLA and master’s degree in construction management from USC. He is licensed real estate broker and is LEED certified.


MFKessler's Team

Our supporting cast of expert engineers, experienced surveyors, and office administrators help us bring your project to life. In addition to our growing team, we seamlessly collaborate with other niche consultants too. 


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